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In 1995, the Goldsmith Metropolitan District (GMD) began hosting a summer concert series at Crescent Park.  Since the beginning, these concerts have been free and open to anyone who has wanted to attend. In 2020 (25th Anniversary) The Concerts at the Crescent were cancelled due to COVID-19.  This was disappointing for all of us.


A few months ago, GMD decided to restart the Concerts at the Crescent in 2021 with the following restrictions:


  • The concerts continue to be free, however advance tickets are required to control attendance.

  • Attendance for the first few concerts will be capped at 250 people, to allow for social distancing.

  • Masks are encouraged for non-vaccinated attendees.


Attendance limits may be increased in the coming weeks, but advance tickets are currently required for the 2021 Concerts at the Crescent.  We appreciate your patience with these new requirements as we try to get back to normal, and we hope that that you will continue to enjoy this free concert series. 

Tickets are free, but you MUST reserve tickets each week AND have an e-ticket for each person when arriving at the park. 

Available Starting at 9:00 a.m. MT the Friday Before the Concert

Capacity for the balance of the season remains at 550.

If the total tickets reserved plus those in carts in the process of checking out are equal to the total number of available tickets, the below ticketing widget will show Unavailable and halt reservations to avoid overselling the event. If any transactions are not completed, those tickets will automatically be released and the ticketing widget will show availability again.

Tickets for the July 13th show are SOLD OUT

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